Year 5 Band Concert

Tuesday afternoon saw the culmination of a semester learning a new skill – how to play a musical instrument and perform as a band. Our Year 5 students invited their family to their ‘one and only’ concert performance and our young performers played a selection of songs to the delight of the captive audience.
The music staff and tutors have been very impressed with the progress this group has made in such a short time. Many students were sad to come to the end of this musical journey, however, those students who have excelled or show great promise have been invited to continue in an extension program next term.
Our Year 5 violin students have their own String Ensemble and performed three songs much to the delight of the rest of the Year 5 band who until this point had not heard them play!  They are all very keen violinists, and all but one is continuing with violin studies privately next term.
The GCC String Ensemble, made up of year 4 and 5 students also performed, and the
GCC Primary Band performed a new work in progress ‘Concerto for Triangle’ featuring the comic performance of Alex Chidgey on triangle.
To finish, our talented tutors wowed the audience with a quick solo tune each to highlight their instruments.  This was wonderful for our budding incoming year 4 instrumentalists to see and hear.
A big thank you to all our Year 5 students for a fantastic semester of instrumental music.
We are all very much looking forward to the enthusiasm the Year 4’s have shown towards next semester.
Penny White