Tuckshop News 7 December 2018

I hope you all have enjoyed the convenience of ordering your child’s tuckshop online. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers that have helped throughout the year.

Things to remember when ordering online.

1. Cutoff for ordering is 9am on Tuckshop days.

2. When your child is absent from school don’t forget to ring Tuckshop on 5436 5654 or phone Flexischools, so the order can be cancelled or rescheduled for another day.

3. Primary lunch is first break and second break is afternoon tea. Secondary morning tea is first break and lunch is second break.

4. All Primary must use Flexischools to order Tuckshop.

5. Secondary can use Flexischools to order everything but over the counter purchases are limited to what is in the hotbox, frozen yogurts, chips, muffins and all drinks.

6. No Tuckshop on Wednesdays.

Tuckshop resumes 29 January 2019.

We would like to wish all our families a safe and Blessed Christmas.

Cathy Boyer and Lauren Bottrill

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