THE SCIENCE SPOT – Chemistry Excursion to Coochin Creek

chemistry students excursion to Coochin Creek

Year 11 Chemistry students preparing to test a water sample

Coochin Creek

On Wednesday 3 August the Year 11 Chemistry students undertook the annual trip down to Coochin Creek to analyse the water quality. The students performed various tests to determine quantities such as dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, salinity, pH, conductivity, water hardness and water temperature. The purpose of the excursion was to collect as much information as possible to determine the present quality of the water in Coochin Creek and to compare this data to data collected by previous students from 2012-2015. The students also collected water samples at different sites along the river which were analysed by the Analytical Chemistry Department at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  The University tested our samples for levels of phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, thermo-tolerant coliforms and E.Coli. The final component of the Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI) required the Chemistry students to design experiments to simulate the possible effects if a fertilizer manufacturing plant was allowed to be built on the banks of Coochin Creek. The EEI requires students to analyse their collected data to answer real life questions concerning the importance of maintaining good water quality in their local catchment area.

Mr Doolan, Head of Science Department

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