TEDx photo gallery

What a fantastic night. If you attended Wednesday night’s TEDx then I bet you can’t wait to revisit some of them when the videos are ready. If you missed out, you haven’t missed out altogether. Our talented student, Jonty, and IT are working to edit the videos and we will bring them to you as soon as they are ready.

The speakers, in order of appearance, were:

  • Mr Robert Maguire, Educator
  • Dr Daniel Pampuch, CEO of Christian Schools Australia
  • Mr Simon Ives, Founding Director of Milk + Honey
  • Dr Paula Barrett, world renowned specialist in resilience training.
  • Dr Ryan Messmore, Director of the Millis Institute
  • Mrs Fiona Cran, Pastor and Chaplain
  • Mrs Amelia Lockhart, Phd Candidate specialising in ASD
  • Mr Chris Boden, Tech entrepreneur who works with virtual reality in education

Plus we had our own talented student performers:

Madeleine Roulston
Ariana Doolan
Julian Munyard (and Bakani Kombanie in the courtyard)

Well done to Bert Kasselman and his amazing team.

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