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Sunflowers – golden yellow giants

Agricultural Science Students in all grades decided to have an attempt at the UQ Sunflower Growing Competition this year and it looks to be the year of very tall sunflowers. In the four years Glasshouse Christian College has entered this competition, these sunflowers are definitely the tallest ever. It’s going to be very interesting to
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Agriculture Science News 6 March 2015

Sunny Days It is on again! The University of Queensland’s Sunflower competition has had the Agricultural Science students researching how to grow their sunflower to be the heaviest ever! It is looking like it is going to be an incredible competition just between the students themselves, with many believing they have found the secret ingredient
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Agricultural Science News 29 May 2014

The “Agventure” continued this week for our Ag. Science students.  On 20 May they started their school day at 7:00am by boarding a bus for a trip to UQ Ag. Science campus at Gatton Agricultural College.   The students had precious cargo travelling on the bus with them – their tall, vigorous heavy-headed sunflower plants.  They entered
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