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Secondary Sport Wrap – Term 2, Weeks 6 to 8

Staff vs Students Cricket Match: Conditions were difficult for the match played over two days on the northern sports field. Both teams seemed to sweat it up, in the hot subcontinent like temperatures. Competition was fierce and as play got underway on day one, the teachers didn’t hold back their bowling attack. The first innings was
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Sports wrap up for Week 5 and 6

Staff Vs Students Cricket match: On day one, the staff were well led in the batting by Mr Osberger. Mr Osberger amassed a total of 37 runs at the crease from his barrage of 4s and 6s. Experienced cricketer Mr Pienaar was also a helpful contributor with 27. The teachers run tally finished at 127 after 12
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Staff vs student cricket match gallery

This week was an epic battle on the cricket field with students going up against staff. Match 1 was the staff members’ turn to bat and the students batted in Match 2.   Match 2 – Students’ turn to bat.