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100 days in Prep

On Friday the 26 July, the Prep children celebrated being at school for 100 days. There was much excitement as the children were allowed to come to school in free dress. The children then all got together and participated in a range of activities to celebrate 100 days of learning. They made crowns, painted 100 dot
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Prep Teddy Bear’s Picnic

During Week 1, the Prep children had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic outside in the playground. The children all brought to school their favourite soft toy and took their teddy outside to sit on the picnic blankets. They all ate some teddy biscuits too! It was great for the teachers to get to know their new
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Big kids become little kids again!

Year 6W came to visit our new little Prep W class on Wednesday to read and have some good old-fashioned fun in the classroom. Both Prep and Year 6 were so excited to meet up and get to know each other. There were plenty of Year 6s seen in the Prep dress-up box. What a
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Prep’s excursion to the theatre

The Prep children were all fortunate enough to go to the theatre in Caloundra to see The Gruffalo on Wednesday 19 September. The preppies were very excited as this was their first time on the school bus! We arrived at the theatre and took our seats. The show was brilliant and the children really enjoyed
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Prep Mothers’ Night

On Tuesday night the Prep Mums were treated to a special evening at the College. The preps brought their Mums to their classroom for some craft activities and games. Then later all the Preps went to the OLA to share some food together. It was a wonderful evening where our Preppies were able to bless
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Prep nursery rhyme day

On Monday 30 April, all the Preppies came to school dressed up as Nursery Rhyme characters. There were Incy Wincy Spiders, Old McDonald farmers, Little Miss Muffets and Mary with her little lamb to name but a few! A big thank you to the parents who put in a lot of effort to help their
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Sensational day in Prep

Sensational Day in Prep

Preps have been learning about the Five Senses in Science. To celebrate our learning, we took part in Sensational Day in the last week of Term 1. The children had a lot of fun smelling things, tasting yummy pancakes, guessing sounds, walking in gooey spaghetti and making bracelets and a collage picture using different materials.
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Year 6 authors read their picture books to Preps

This week, our Prep students were really blessed when the Year 6 students came over to our classrooms. They brought with them picture books that they themselves had written and illustrated. Each Preppie was paired up with a Year 6 student and they listened in awe at the story being read to them. The Year
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First day of Prep 2018 photo gallery

Many of you would have seen these photos on our Facebook page but they were just too cute not to share here also. Our students are loving first day of Prep.

Learning and caring for living things

On Friday, the Preps shared an experience viewing work done by their peers as we all learnt about caring for living things. The classroom was a buzz of excitement and engagement as the children observed the chicks, fighting fish, meal worms, silkworms, tadpoles, stick insect, leaf bugs and grasshoppers. The work was shared through photos,
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