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Year 7 visited by federal MP, Mr Andrew Wallace

Last Thursday, 9 August, the Year 7s were privileged to have our own federal MP, Mr Andrew Wallace, come to visit with them and to present them with their certificates for visiting Canberra. Mr Wallace spoke to the class about his role and what he does to represent the Sunshine Coast area in federal parliament.
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Year 7 Canberra Trip – 2017

Last week, 14-18 August, the Year 7 students from Glasshouse Christian College flew to Sydney then coached down to Canberra to enjoy the annual weeklong adventure learning about our nation’s capital and our Democratic Government. The trip ties in with our studies on Civics and Citizenship and also our English/Humanities themed unit ‘The Seat of
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Year 7 Canberra Trip

School may be a little quieter with all of Year 7 away this week and we are having a fabulous time.  We’ve dropped in on Sydney and are now visiting many of the highlights of our nation’s capital, Canberra. Our week began very early but with much nervous excitement at the prospect of flying, for
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