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There is something majestic and peaceful about sitting in the presence of butterflies. I never feel flapped, irritated or annoyed by them. They bring about a calming effect on our lives don’t they and they also have an amazing way of giving us a smile. The truth is that the butterflies had to go through
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Nest 2 Me Baby and Parenting Boutique (GCC Family Business Directory Listing)

Bump – Baby – Beyond. Offering gifts and essentials that you can’t find in the supermarkets. Nest 2 Me is a natural baby and parenting boutique specialising in Ergonomic Modern Baby and Toddler Carriers, Educational Games, Puzzles, Books, Craft Supplies and Activities, Natural Care for the whole family, Eco Friendly Nappies, Lunchboxes, Breastfeeding, Sun Safety, Wooden Toys,
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Parenting in the iGen age!

It should surprise nobody that this current generation of young people has been termed iGen! This will include your children born between 1995 and 2012. They are the generation born into a smart world with no pre-internet memories. They are the most digitally connected and aware. You can spot them because they are smartphone natives,
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Free Toilet Training Seminar for parents

We are not suggesting that parents need to be toilet trained but if you are a parent of a little one and would like more information, this looks like a great opportunity.

On becoming CHILDWISE

We have another Parenting Course starting up mid Term 3. Tanya Lindsay has had a few people ask about a night-time course for those that work. Tanya would be interested to know: how many would want this option would a Wednesday night suit would there still be people looking to do the day-time course as well what
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Stepping Stones Trip P

Welcome back to the Stepping Stones Triple P Project! Our first priority for the year is to make sure parents of children with a disability know they’re still eligible to receive free Stepping Stones parenting support, but only until July 2015. Click here to find out more. We’re also calling on people who work in
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Parenting Seminars Learn How To: *Build Happy Families, *Raise Morally Sensible & Emotionally Balanced (For children 3-12 years) The Series PARENTING YOUR CHILD THROUGH THE PRIMARY YEARS Topics include: How to raise a responsible child How to raise a secure child How to raise a loving child How to raise a trusting child How to
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Principal’s Address 13 June 2014

Maleny Show achievements It’s been a very exciting time hearing about our achievements in the recent Maleny Show. Mandy Ward entered our produce on behalf of our fabulous Kitchen Garden students and won a slew of prizes including: first prize for traditional hummus; first prize for flavoured hummus (roasted beetroot); first prize for ricotta cheese;
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