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Open Day 2019 photo and video gallery

Wow! What a perfect day for showing off our fabulous students and beautiful campus! A huge thanks to everyone who attended Open Day, brought their child or children for performances and stayed to enjoy the atmosphere, friendship and food offerings. We hope you enjoyed seeing our new Sports Complex and Music Centre.

Open Day tomorrow!

We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow at our 2019 Open Day. The Program is now published on our website and you can see the pages in the images below: It’s going to be a truly fantastic day so please bring your family and friends.

Open Day Library Fun

GCC's Mrs McKellar | National Simultaneous Storytime

Come and join us in the library this Saturday. The Primary Makerspace will be open with the following activities: Ozobots, Osmo on the iPads, augmented reality with the iExplore books, Gravity Maze, Laser Game, Marble Run, Knex roller coaster, Goldie Blox Movie Maker and Code and Go Mouse. Relax in the green amphitheatre area and
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Four reasons why it’s important to commemorate special occasions

Since the beginning of creation, commemorating special occasions has been an important part of our history. The Bible is full of feast days, harvest festivities and special celebrations. It’s also an important part of modern day culture as we’ve seen by all the recent public holidays. On Tuesday 7 May, we celebrated the official opening
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Primary News

Performances, class displays and competitions on Open Day: Thank you to all the families who supported our Open Day last Saturday. I spend the whole time on Open Day in the Undercover Area speaking to new families so I usually visit classrooms either Friday evening or before 10:00am on the actual day. Congratulations to the following
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Our Open Day French club performances were delightfully cute!

Singing and dancing in French this semester is what our French club students have liked to do best and this is done in a spirit of fun without any pressure. French club is currently on every Tuesday at first break and all students Years 1 – 6 are welcome. The program is flexible and weekly
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Open Day – six things you may not know

This time next week things will be in full swing for our Open Day on Saturday 19 May between 10am and 2pm. Our 2018 Open Day has some surprising additions you may not know about. Here are just six of them: Everyone is invited. This event is not just for new parents and visitors. Most school
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Join us on 19 May and share in your children’s learning

At Glasshouse Christian College we do Open Day somewhat differently from most other schools. Open Day is a time when new families who are interested in finding out more about our College can come and have a Glasshouse Christian College experience. Currently we already have many new students (mainly Prep) enrolled for next year, but
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Does listening to music help learning?

For those with teens it can be rare to see them studying without earbuds. They adamantly state that listening to music helps them concentrate and they simply can’t do their homework any other way! Are they right? The belief that listening to music helps learning began in the 1990s and was call the ‘Mozart effect’.
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Why do we commemorate Anzac Day?

Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in 1915; it is the day when we remember all Australians who served and died in military service to our country past and present. It is a day when we remember the spirit of our soldiers and celebrate the qualities of bravery, mateship, and
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