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A tasty bite of French culture

French is so much more than just a language. A big part of French is linked to its culture – places, people, cuisine and much more. This Tuesday, all Year 8 students had the privilege to be immersed into French culture at le Relais Bressan, a French restaurant in Flaxton. During the visit, students discovered
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Year 8 French excursion to le Relain Bressan

Last Thursday 16 August, the Year 8 students went up to Flaxton to have lunch in a French restaurant le Relais Bressan. The purpose of the excursion was to create opportunities for students to enjoy French culture in an authentic environment, and enjoy traditional French food made by French chef Thierry Clerc. The excursion provided students,
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Year 8 French restaurant excursion

The Year 8 students had a fun and exciting French excursion on Thursday 17 August as they went to Le Relais Bressan, a French restaurant in Flaxton. The menu consisted of typical French dishes, a choice of a main and a dessert, all of which were delicious. The restaurant itself is located in a beautiful location
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