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Praise is one of the best parenting ideas

Have you taken a moment lately to examine the  “what is coming out of your mouth” barometre? When it comes to family, I hope you can honestly say that we are using encouraging, thoughtful, kind, pure speech. As parents we want to be influencers and motivators and lead our families down this path. One way
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Pause and Ponder – Encouraging the runners in life

Today as I was at the school the cross country I was impressed with how many students were running and trying their best for their teams. There were students with all levels of physical ability. Some who had trained for months for this very race and others who knew running wasn’t their strength but tried
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Middle School News 7 June 2013

Acknowledging excellence is an important aspect of a child’s school life. Student’s who have talent in a sporting, musical, mathematical or dramatic ability, skills such as in woodwork or creating food dishes etc generally achieve awards not only because of their talent but because of their applied, diligence and consistent efforts over time. Throughout the
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