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DeLorean Project – Mystery Box Challenge

The DeLorean Project runs exclusively at Glasshouse Christian College for our Year 10 students. The aim is to develop the students skills and capabilities in the areas of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Creative Mindset and Use of Technology. During Term 1, students have been working on a pilot project to give them a taste of
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DeLorean Project Hooks a ‘Shark’ – Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter - Shark Tank

Channel 10’s Shark Tank Investor Steve Baxter! Last week we had the privilege of having Steve Baxter visit the DeLorean Project! Steve is one of the five ‘Shark’ investors on Channel 10’s popular ‘Shark Tank Australia’ show and is passionate about innovation in Queensland and had some excellent advice to share with our DeLorean Project
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Open the doors to a real DeLorean…an Open Day experience

Open the doors to a real DeLorean…an Open Day experience. There’s a classic scene in the Back to the Future 1 movie and the re-creation of it on Open Day was almost complete – short of a deserted floodlit car park and a crazy scientist. There were, however, quite a few young impressionable teenagers and
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You’re invited… back to the future!

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)’s released a report series in 2018 called ‘The New Work Reality’. https://www.fya.org.au/report/the-new-work-reality/ The report examines what ‘work’ is going to look like in the future for young Australians and the difficulties they are expected to face with the increase in automation due to technology. This report directly supports the
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Bright Feet, Bright Mind (GCC Family Business Directory Listing)

Bright Feet, Bright Mind is a social justice organisation created in the DeLorean Project. Our aim is to provide homeless and those in need in our area with warm socks, and hopefully one day with other necessities, by selling tie dyed socks, which is a popular product among students in our school and among 14-25
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DeLorean showcase

The DeLorean students of 2017 have had quite the excellent adventure. The culmination, of which, took place last Thursday evening. The flexible learning space of L8 was transformed into a market style arena, with each group manning their own booth promoting their project. Parents, Staff, Year 9 students and mentors from across the community were
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Operation Pyjamas

What is Operation Pyjamas you might ask? We are a group of Year 10 students who love giving back to the community and being as helpful as we can. Our names are Savannah, Shaelee and Sophie and this is our DeLorean Project. Just imagine it’s night time and you are walking down the street. You
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Nikita Perro’s SUDI project

Nikita Perro’s DeLorean Project is on Safe Sleeping for Babies: Awareness of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) survey. Nikita has been working closely with her University of the Sunshine Coast mentor and has just been given approval by the Ethics Board to go ahead with the survey. Here are the details: Glasshouse Christian College
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DeLorean Project – podcasts and videos

Here is the direct link to the DeLorean Project website. This is where you will find the latest podcasts, videos and information on what our Year 10 students are achieving in collaboration, creativity, design and innovation in technology.  

Principal’s Blog – GCC is an Apple Distinguished School

Last week, I and seven of our staff attended the Apple Distinguished School conference where Glasshouse Christian College was officially awarded this prestigious title. Only 400 schools in the whole world have this title and we are thrilled that a little school in Beerwah has joined their number. You can read more details in Colleen
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