Student Voice Annual Review

2016 has been one of the most productive years for the Student Voice to date. As well as our most recent initiative, the clock on the oval, we ran a number of other campaigns and events, including the second annual Night of Talent and the Bush Dance.

After receiving a number of comments from students not being able to hear the bell on the oval, the Student Voice campaigned for a Clock to be installed on the oval. We presented a proposal to the P and F Association and they generously agreed to fund it for us. The Student Voice is sincerely thankful to the P and F for their support in this endeavour. Earlier this term, the Groundsmen installed the clock onto the side of T block. Now students will be able to better manage their time while enjoying their break on the oval.

Oval Clock

In Term 1 we ran an Anti-Bullying Day campaign, where students were encouraged to wear something orange and make a stand against bullying.

Later in that term, we ran TNT – The Night of Talent with a record 26 participating acts. The night was bigger and better than ever before with over 70 attendees and deciding which of the more 50 entrants to allow through to perform was incredibly difficult. Thank you to our amazing guest judges and Mr Curtis for generously donating the prizes. All round, the night was a resounding success!

Over the course of the year we have been investigating bringing recycling bins to the college. We got in touch with the Sunshine Coast Council on how to do this. They sent a member of their Recycling Education team to deliver a presentation to the Student Voice and discuss the paths forward. They suggested we begin in the Primary School and then slowly roll out recycling across the whole college. We met with the Student Representative Council (SRC) and they will be conducting an audit in Term 4 on the amount of recycling waste in our classrooms. Next year we will continue to work together with the Sunshine Coast Council, Primary SRC, and Management to roll out the recycling program into new areas of the college.

In Term 3 we launched weekly lunchtime activities on a Thursday and they were immensely popular! Each week we had a different game organised by the students such as soccer, dodgeball and capture the flag.

Our most recent event, held at the start of this term, in conjunction with Collision Youth, was the Bush Dance. 80 secondary students attended the dance and there was fantastic live music from The Smashing Bumpkins and Curt Anderson. We also sold food and drinks and gave out prizes to the best dressed country gal and country guy. Overall, the night was exceeded expectations of the students and was a brilliant success and a fantastic way to bring the students together. We look forward to next years being even bigger and more students enjoying the opportunity.

Student Voice is all about being the voice of the students and next year we seek to continue to make the students heard. Projects for next year include the annual Night of Talent, implementing the recycling program, more lunchtime activities, The Bush Dance and further fundraising efforts in the name of the students.