Senior School Results – Term 1

On the whole, our students have once again worked exceptionally hard throughout the term and this is reflected in the number of Diligence and Academic certificates issued.

Diligence Certificates
37% of Year 10s got Very Good in Effort on all or all but one of their subjects. In Year 11 this was 31% of students and in Year 12 it was 35%.

Academic Certificates
With the new Senior Curriculum, Year 10 & 11 are now issued marks and we decided that to get an Academic Certificate students needed to get an average of 80% on their report. Year 12s are still on the old curriculum and for them, they must get an A in at least half their subjects to be awarded an Academic Certificate.

16% of Year 10 students got an Academic Certificate. In Year 11 this was 20% of students and in Year 12, the percentage of students getting an academic certificate was 25%.

Congratulations to all those students who worked really hard to gain these certificates.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School