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Farmers’ Banquet 2018

Farmers' banquet

On Tuesday 13 March, Year 12 Hospitality students presented a selection of salads and sweets to showcase different foods. Ginger, finger limes, pineapple, avocado, mangos and macadamia nuts were on the list of ingredients to be used. The students presented a sweet or savoury recipe that they tested out before hand and then gave a
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Year 12 formal photo gallery – from ‘professional photographer’

Many of you may be aware of the ongoing saga of trying to retrieve photos from the professional photographer hired for the Year 12 Formal last year. Despite our best efforts it was not until student Oskar Burkhardt persevered relentlessly with the company that they finally gave in and released the photos. Thanks Oskar –
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Taste of French Day – University of Queensland

Taste of French Day

On Monday 5 February, we got the opportunity to experience the Taste of French Day put on by the University of Queensland in St Lucia. When we arrived, the first thing we noticed was how much French was being spoken and how passionate the UQ staff and student ambassadors were about the subject. The first
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Need For Feed – learning healthy cooking

Diabetes Queensland

Need For Feed is a healthy eating program by Diabetes Queensland, running on a Wednesday afternoon from 3:00pm – 5:00pm. The students are enjoying cooking a variety of healthy afternoon snacks and main meals, as well as learning about the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. There are 19 students in the group and it is
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ConocoPhillips Science Experience

During the last week of the January school holidays, we had the opportunity to attend the ConocoPhillips ‘Science Experience’ at the University of Queensland. We both had a great time! Over the course of three days, we participated in a variety of workshops in different areas of the university, including chemical engineering, microbiology and palaeontology.
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Agricultural Science – what’s happening in 2018?

We are so excited about another amazing year in Agricultural Science! A fresh batch of Year 10 students have joined our program and are immersing themselves in plant nutrient requirements and will be investigating nutrient deficiencies in hydroponic plants. Our Year 11 students will be working for local growers with the latest technology, including drone
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Help with Middle and Senior Maths

My name is Neil Capps and I have the privilege to be leading the GCC Maths Department this year. Students from Years 7 to 10 will be graduating on the new Queensland system of external exams that will be worth 50% of their result in Year 12. Our current Year 11 students will be the
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DeLorean showcase

The DeLorean students of 2017 have had quite the excellent adventure. The culmination, of which, took place last Thursday evening. The flexible learning space of L8 was transformed into a market style arena, with each group manning their own booth promoting their project. Parents, Staff, Year 9 students and mentors from across the community were
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Graduation and clap out photo gallery

As always, Year 12 graduation and clap out was moving and emotional. We are proud of the class of 2017 and wish them all the best with their future.  

Year 12 Formal – photo gallery

Flaxton Gardens was the perfect setting for the beautiful young women and handsome men to celebrate the end of their school years at their Year 12 formal.