Senior School News

A little party never killed nobody!

In celebration of their hard work this term, the Year 12 English teachers invited their charges to the ‘Gatsby Mansion’ for a celebration worthy of Term 3 and the completion of one of many rites of passages that are found in this unique year of their schooling – the QCS test. Joining with the IT
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Hello Jerusalem!

Talk with any secondary teacher about what subjects you should choose in Senior, and you will find our responses predictable and cliché. We all think the subject we teach is the most important – and… some of us would be right! We are all passionate about what we teach and engaging students in conversations around
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Congratulations Jess Perro

Congratulations go to Jess Perro for taking out 1st place in the Year 11 University of the Sunshine Coast STEM Research Awards AND Senior Scientist Award! Whilst Agricultural Science was not one of the entry categories to select on the USC STEM entry form (only Chemistry, Physics and Biology were the categories), I think it
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Chemistry at Coochin Creek

On Friday 10 August, the Year 11 Chemistry students undertook the annual trip down to Coochin Creek to analyse the water quality of the creek. The students performed various tests to determine quantities such as dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, salinity, pH, conductivity, water hardness and water temperature. The purpose of the excursion was to collect
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Amazing ‘Aggies’ have done it again!

Wow! The Year 10 Agricultural Science students and Jess Perro (Year 11) attended the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries awards ceremony this week and enjoyed incredible success. There were even more prizes than we expected or knew about! Here is the list: Jessica Perro 2018 Conference Award UQ FEAST Scholarship Award Travis Kuijpers-Weeks Runner up Paul Johnston
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Year 10 barista training

barista training

Year 10 Hospitality students did a Barista Training course with Vincenza, at their premises. The course was three hours long and gave the students training in the different types of coffees and the important steps in pouring techniques, as well as taste testing the different types of coffees. Each student achieved a barista qualification statement
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Early School Leavers Survey – from Minister for Education

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who in 2017 left school without obtaining Year 12 certification. The Early School Leavers survey is a short, confidential survey that collects information about what young people are doing the year after leaving school. Between August and September, students
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Headstart results

Our students are shining in their University of the Sunshine Coast Headstart courses. Congratulations to the following students who have done outstanding work.        

‘Game of Drones’ award in Agricultural Science

The Agricultural Science students have had massive success in the ‘Game of Drones’ Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Plant Science Project Awards! Jessica Perro has won the Conference Award, entitling her to $1000 to attend the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane where she has also been invited to present. Travis Kuijpers-Weeks has come Runner
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Darna Andrews receives Queen’s Scout Award

Year 12 student Darna Andrews was the recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Scout Award over the weekend. The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award in the Venturer Scout section and carries an outstanding reputation within Scouting and the Community. It is also an Award that is recognised nationally and internationally. This award was celebrated with
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