Senior School News

Food for Special Occassions

Year 10 students enjoyed the unit on ‘Food for Special Occasions’. They picked their own recipes and created a beautiful gift basket for their selected occasion. They learnt how to package and label their goodies and also how to work with different cooking skills.  

Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out 2018

The 2018 Year 12 Graduation Service was held in the new Sports Centre this year. The new venue meant everyone could be in the shade and a nice breeze kept the audience comfortable. It was a moving ceremony and the clap out that followed allowed for the emotions to be fully expressed. It was heart-warming
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Formal photo gallery – 2018

Here are some of the photos from this year’s Year 12 formal. The official photos from the professional photographer will be released soon and we will put them on Facebook and our website in the newsletter as soon as we have them.

Middle and Senior School Presentation Night 2018 – photo gallery

What a spectacular night of celebration! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks to all the parents and students who participated in the night and supported all our students’ achievements. For all of our families who don’t have Facebook, we have put the photos here so you can share them with
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Fiji Mission trip 2018

Each year we are joined with a different group of students, and every team brings with them different gifts and abilities. This year’s team was quite small in comparison to past years. At first, we questioned whether or not it was worth going and if the small number of students would be able to handle
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French and German study tour

A small contingent of Glasshouse Christian College secondary students set out on an overseas trip in September of this year. They began with a few days visiting the Western Front, the Somme area in Ypres, and then Villers-Bretonneux, a small /french town won back in a 92-hour battle fought by Australian soldiers in 1918. This
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A little party never killed nobody!

In celebration of their hard work this term, the Year 12 English teachers invited their charges to the ‘Gatsby Mansion’ for a celebration worthy of Term 3 and the completion of one of many rites of passages that are found in this unique year of their schooling – the QCS test. Joining with the IT
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Hello Jerusalem!

Talk with any secondary teacher about what subjects you should choose in Senior, and you will find our responses predictable and cliché. We all think the subject we teach is the most important – and… some of us would be right! We are all passionate about what we teach and engaging students in conversations around
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Congratulations Jess Perro

Congratulations go to Jess Perro for taking out 1st place in the Year 11 University of the Sunshine Coast STEM Research Awards AND Senior Scientist Award! Whilst Agricultural Science was not one of the entry categories to select on the USC STEM entry form (only Chemistry, Physics and Biology were the categories), I think it
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Chemistry at Coochin Creek

On Friday 10 August, the Year 11 Chemistry students undertook the annual trip down to Coochin Creek to analyse the water quality of the creek. The students performed various tests to determine quantities such as dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, salinity, pH, conductivity, water hardness and water temperature. The purpose of the excursion was to collect
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