Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out 2018

The 2019 Year 12 Graduation Service was held in the new Sports Centre this year. The new venue meant everyone could be in the shade and a nice breeze kept the audience comfortable. It was a moving ceremony and the clap out that followed allowed for the emotions to be fully expressed. It was heart-warming
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Formal – What a transformation!

It is something akin to a Cinderella story watching our Year 12 school boys and girls transform into stylish, beautifully dressed young men and women arriving on the red carpet at Flaxton Gardens. After seeing them in school uniforms all year, sometimes it is a struggle to recognise them in all their finery. The formal
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Middle School News 16 November 2018

Books: Are there lots of books in your home? A new study of 31 countries shows that ‘being surrounded by books in the home during adolescence may have as big an impact on long-term literacy, numeracy, and digital skills as a university education’. Reading and being able to learn about things outside of our physical world
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Library News 16 November 2018

End of Year Return Dates: Thank you to our Year 12 students and families for assisting with final book and device returns. Families will be notified of any outstanding items. Please note the dates below for all other year levels. Support with end of year book returns is greatly appreciated as prompt return of items assists
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Formal photo gallery – 2018

Here are some of the photos from this year’s Year 12 formal. The official photos from the professional photographer will be released soon and we will put them on Facebook and our website in the newsletter as soon as we have them.

Kitchen Garden News 16 November 2018

We have been very blessed this term with an abundance of delicious fresh vegetables to harvest. Our cabbages were used in chicken and coleslaw sliders in the first lessons of term and were devoured with gusto. Beans have been enjoyed freshly plucked from the bushes and there’s been no stopping the strawberries! The Prep classes
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Great experience at AFL

The Year 5 and 6 students have been competing against other Glasshouse Schools in AFL at Interschool Sport this term. The competition ran over just two weeks and teams played six games each in either A or B divisions. The teams had been learning AFL in PE lessons last term and have been training this
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Chloe Turnbull selected for State Champs in Aquathon

Chloe Turnbull is an accomplished swimmer and is also a great cross country runner so the Queensland Triathlon All Schools Aquathon sounded like a perfect challenge for her. Chloe had not competed in an Aquathon before but as it was a run, swim run event she thought it would be a great thing to try.
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Sound and light incursion

Brett from Big Bang Educational visited Year 1 to share a workshop with us as our introduction to the new unit. We all learnt new things, even the teachers, and we were all engaged with the talks, the hands on activities and the sound production sorting at the end. It was so much fun to
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Free breast cancer screening in Beerwah

From 15 November to 18 December 2018 there will be free breast cancer screening at Beerwah Community Centre. Women aged between 50-74 years are strongly encouraged to have a breast screen every two years. This service is free to women aged 40 years and over. This is the only nationally accredited breast cancer screening service
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