Legends of Speed 2016

Year 10 engineering students competed in the GCC CO2 Drag Racing Championships. Vapour trails burst from each machine as many close battles were fought with only hundredths of a second separating some competitors.  

Students designed and constructed their own CO2 powered balsa wood dragsters, based on their studies in the aerodynamics of high speed car design in Formula 1 and drag racing cars. Students investigated the principles of friction reduction and the properties of various plastic and metal materials to design and construct an efficient axle system.

The quality of racing was exceptional. The 15 competitors faced a double elimination challenge to decide the overall winner with the fastest CO2 powered dragster. Speed records were again broken this year with races averaging 1.2 seconds over the 20 metre track, with some cars achieving times of 0.986 seconds.  Spectators were entertained by exciting close photo finish racing with a few mid-track high speed collisions. These “Legends of Speed” go into the Hall of Fame”.  


The podium First Place champion was Jack Brander (centre), with Daniel Greasley second (right) and Jake Sandes taking up the third position (left).