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More about Senior School

The College has a medium sized Senior School with approximately 70 students in each year level. This number allows us to focus on individuals and their needs rather than on the delivery of the program.

We believe that God has a plan for every child (Jeremiah 29:11) and it is our goal to see each student discover this in their life.

Each year level is divided into three pastoral care classes and the teachers of these classes work closely with the students in their pastoral care group to help provide the support and care required for students to reach their potential.

Students select up to six subjects from a wide range of possible options. The subjects offered are not fixed and can change slightly from year to year, depending on the individual needs of the cohort.

The size of the College also means that we do not need to offer composite classes. The majority of our senior class sizes have less than 20 students and some specialist subjects will have less than ten students. This means students can receive quality attention from teachers and excellent access to resources.

Our College has invested heavily in the use of technology. Every student is provided with a laptop computer which is given them to keep for their own personal use for the entire senior years.

These computers are top of the range Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air and the cost of this technology is absorbed into the school fees. Each classroom has a filtered wireless network with access to various academic databases and other online learning tools.

The College incorporates a student portal to the College Student Management System giving instant access to timetables and report cards. Details also include reports on the number of times students have been absent and late to school and the details of merits and demerits issued.

GCC also uses its own specially designed Learning Management System (LMS), Connect.  Each class has a virtual presence on the LMS and students can log into their virtual classroom from anywhere in the world.  They then have access to all the resources and planners provided by that course.  Parents also have access to these resources and can help support their child at home.

GCC Senior School - The Delorean ProjectTHE DELOREAN PROJECT

The DeLorean Project’s original and continuing mandate is to provide Year 10 students with the opportunity to engage in authentic, student-directed learning. The goal has always been to develop within students the capacity to work collaboratively, think innovatively and contribute to the world genuinely.

The initial iteration of the DeLorean Project worked from the DeLorean Spheres, the University of Melbourne’s 21st Century Skills, basic design procedures and cooperative learning structures.

In our second year, we have moved to a more formal construct that has worked through the 21st Century Skills and the General Capabilities to produce the DeLorean Skill Set. Year Two now includes:

  • assessable criteria and development of the DeLorean Skill Set based on the General Capabilities (as stated within ACARA)
  • refined DeLorean Spheres to provide a more streamlined focus for student projects
  • use of Lean Startup to provide a structured approach to project development
  • use of AusIdentities to assist students in identifying their personality types and learning styles
  • upskilling in Cooperative Learning Structures
  • continued partnership with USC (including new projects with two new schools within the Nursing and Mental Health fields of study)
  • inauguration of the DeLorean coffee van project

At every juncture, the DeLorean Project’s mission is to provide students with the skills they will need to navigate their voyage through the 21st century.