Year 11 Future Pathways

Our Future Pathways Coordinator is available at any time for students to pop in and discuss ideas or queries that they may have regarding further education, subject choices, traineeships or apprenticeships, Headstart, or any other options that present themselves throughout the year.

Students studying through Distance Education, Vocational Subjects and TAFE have a dedicated quiet area in the Library beside the Future Pathways Office to study and have access to assistance if required. Progress is closely monitored and any issues ironed out at an early stage.

In Term 4, each student has an interview with our Future Pathways Coordinator to review the SET plan put together in Year 10. This is an excellent opportunity for students to think about their tertiary plans and to ensure they are still on the correct pathway – there are many students who change their minds on what they hope their future career will be. We are proactive in ensuring they have every opportunity to follow their dreams.

There are opportunities throughout Year 11 and 12 on consultation, for students to have further work experience in fields and professions which they may not have considered in Year 10.

Students are alerted to study opportunities as they arise, along with tertiary study open days and information sessions throughout the year.

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