Year 10 Future Pathways

Year 10 is a huge year for our students as they venture out into the workplace on a week’s work experience at the end of Term 1. They all certainly get out of their comfort zones but do an absolutely amazing job following intensive preparation in Term 1.

Career lessons in Year 10 include:

Term 1 – Preparation for Work Experience.

  • How to make a great first impression in the workplace
  • Best practices for communication within the workplace and telephone etiquette
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Employability skills and how to increase your value to an employer
  • Dressing to impress and the pitfalls of social media

Term 2 – Preparation for choosing subjects for Years 11 and 12.

  • How different personality styles are suited to different professions; if you chose a career based on your strengths and personality you will enjoy your job and be happier at work. When your strengths match the job it is a ‘good fit’.
  • Undertake a Career Personality Profile with suggested professions based on strengths and personality traits.
  • Researching jobs and the labour market in Australia and abroad.
  • How to get the most out of careers and education expos.
  • Students interested in careers in Health can attend the Health Heroes Expo.
  • All Year 10 experience the University of the Sunshine Coast for the day attending three workshops each from a choice of over 30 in varied disciplines.

Term 3 – Students will have a portfolio which they can bring to their Secondary Education and Training (SET) plan meeting which has been developed over Terms 1 and 2.

  • Students attend the Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Market Event at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Glasshouse Christian College runs its own Carers Expo in early August with exhibitors from many professions, training organisations and tertiary education providers.
  • Students have an individual appointment with the Future Pathways Coordinator, Dean of Studies or Head of Senior School along with their parents to discuss their SET plans.

Term 4 – Students prepare for mock interviews with real business representatives.

  • Researching a job advertisement
  • Writing an awesome cover letter
  • How to get your resume noticed
  • Role plays to prepare for their interview with a business representative

In addition to the formal lessons and events, Year 10 students are able to explore the many other options available to them in Years 11 and 12 such as school based traineeships, Headstart at University, Distance Education, private training organisations and trade training colleges.

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