Pathway Options

Academic Pathway
Many students have already decided what course of tertiary study they would like to undertake. We take time with each student to make sure they are fulfilling all pre-requisites for the field they would like to enter at University. Different options will be investigated including comparing different universities and of course each students’ strengths and preferences in their school subjects throughout Middle Years and Year 10. Every pathway is tailored to the individual.

School based Traineeships and Apprenticeships
School based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATS) allow students to work for an employer and undertake training towards a recognised qualification, whilst completing their Queensland Certificate of Education and/or Overall (OP) score.
Why chose a school based apprenticeship or traineeship?

  • Get a head start in a career while still at school
  • Get experience in the workplace before leaving school
  • Train towards a qualification in a chosen career
  • Work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification that can count towards a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to make the move from school to work. They will put students a step ahead of the competition when they apply for jobs and give them the confidence to continue working or go on to further study.

Headstart at the University
Students can experience university while still completing Secondary school through this program. It allows students to complete first year university subjects while they are in Year 11 and 12. They will get a taste of university life which will help them prepare for future study.
Benefits of starting university while still at school:

  • Gain credit towards a degree. This will ease the study load when the student attends university full-time.
  • Save money. Universities subsidises the coast of Headstart decreasing the overall cost of a degree.
  • Prepare for University. When students enrol in a university degree they will be well prepared, having already completed study at this level.
  • Broaden their education. Students could select a university subject area not offered by the College.
  • Enhance school performance. Studying at a more advanced level can improve performance at school as they will be learning new academic skills and have access to extra study resources.
  • Gain QCE points. Completed university courses can contribute towards the QCE. One semester counts for 2 credits.

TAFE at School
Many students enrol in a TAFE at school course in Year 11 and 12. It gives students the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications which count towards their QCE. Courses provide students with a way to get a head start on their career or get credit towards a higher level qualification when they graduate Year 12.
Often students who have a school based traineeship will complete their theory training at TAFE.
A range of qualifications are fee-free for students and covered under the VETiS funding.

Trade Training Colleges
Students can attend Trade Training Colleges to get a head start in their chosen profession whilst still completing Year 11 and 12. The nationally recognised qualifications often give the student the edge when applying for apprenticeships and jobs upon leaving school. The extensive work experience component allows the student to sample the real world of work in that profession.
Students attend their respective Trade Training College one day per week and usually enrol in a course that is relevant to their future plans as noted on their Senior Education and Training Plan.

Complete a Vocational Subject at School
Glasshouse Christian College has partnered with private training organisations to offer a Diploma in Business, Certificate II in Rural Operations, Certificate II in Tourism and Certificate III in Sport and Recreation to our Senior students.

Distance Education
A number of our students access subjects through the Brisbane School of Distance Education. They may have a special interest area, a pre-requisite for university, or a clash of timetable that doesn’t allow them to pick all the subjects they would like.

Available subjects are as follows:
Modern and Ancient History
Senior Dance
Visual Art
IPT- Information Processing and Technology

Visual Art Studies
Hospitality Practices
Community Services and Children’s Services
Science in Practice
Information Technology

As can be seen, there are many options available to Senior students but with careful planning and investigation we can find the best pathway together for the greatest success and satisfaction in their schooling. Students and parents are welcome to discuss pathways at any time, not just at SET planning interviews.

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