Glasshouse Christian College Future Pathways

Future Pathways

In the Future Pathways Department, we recognise that there are many pathways to success. These can be academic or the ‘OP’ pathway, solely vocational, with a ‘hands on’ learning emphasis or blended, where many students choose a dual pathway that still provides an OP but contains a vocational education and training component.

There is no best pathway, only the one that is perfect for each individual as they explore and develop their own God-given gifts and abilities.

Mrs Carol McKee, our Future Pathways Coordinator, works very hard to make sure that every student is on the correct pathway for them and facilitates change and investigation when it is required.

The Future Pathways Department has an ‘open door’ policy allowing students to call in and discuss their ideas and dreams at any time, and assists them to make this a reality by ensuring they are in the right subjects, are aware of external opportunities and have the latest information available to them.

Regular guest speakers come to Senior Assembly to inspire our students along with excursions to Universities, Careers Expos and Open Days.

There are lots of pathways to a rewarding career. The most common options are:

  • Study at University
  • Complete an Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • Combine school studies with external training
  • Study at TAFE or Registered Training Organisation

The great thing is that a career or study choice made today does not limit a person’s range of choices in the future. It’s no longer common or necessary for people to stay in the same job or even the same field of work for their entire life.

Research does show, however, that people are more likely to get a job if they have a minimum of a Year 12 or equivalent education. They are also more likely to be able to take advantage of new career choices if they continue to learn. Today many people are working in jobs that didn’t exist when they first entered the workforce.

So what can we do to help?  Select any of the following to learn more: