Primary School

Glasshouse Christian College is one of the leading Prep to Year 12 private schools on the Sunshine Coast.

At GCC, it is acknowledged that education is changing at a rapid rate and that schools need to embrace the best of these changes if they are to prepare students for the world they will enter at the end of their compulsory years of education.

This journey begins in the lower primary classes where students are given a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy which are essential building blocks for every other aspect of learning.

GCC students:

  • are encouraged to have a growth mindset where they recognise that at any time there will be skills and concepts which they have already mastered and others which they can’t do YET – but they WILL as they keep working on them
  • are supported with strong pastoral care
  • can learn in classrooms where there are no interruptions to teaching and learning (Responsible Thinking Process)
  • have access to multiple devices – iPads and one-to-one laptops
  • have access to Learning support (Eagle Centre) or extension (Gifted & Talented sessions)
  • engage in specialist lessons from Prep – Year 6 (French, Music, Dance, Drama and Physical Education).

College Staff:

  • are growing capacity as they engage in continuing whole school and individual professional development
  • embrace technology with their students which allows classroom devices (laptops and iPads) to be integrated into lessons in ways that enhance learning
  • support students in every way spiritually, socially, emotionally and behaviourally
  • are committed to providing a safe, happy learning environment where every student is important.

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