Middle School Subjects

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For all subjects in Middle School at our College, yearly plans are based on the Australian Curriculum and/or the ISQ guidelines. However, in order to inspire and maintain student interest in learning, teachers develop programs, which utilise activity-based learning. The school curriculum serves to critically view and interpret all areas of human endeavour from a biblical worldview. This curriculum serves students who are both early adolescent and have serious questions about the larger world.

A Christian school is a place where Christian Educators refuse to be satisfied with providing only factual knowledge and marketable skills. Rather teachers in a Christian school seek to transform all activities and studies into an expression of biblical wisdom, training the students to walk as disciples of Jesus Christ. (VanDyke 1985, 3).

We are a Sunshine Coast private Christian school, where the curriculum is a dynamic, ever-changing series of planned learning activities. Teachers constantly re-interpret and revise programs as they adapt and implement them. Curricula are based on a number of basic groundings: worldview perspective, the nature of knowledge and the learner, the purposes of schooling, and the social context of a particular school. These views and experiences determine the intents, the learning activities that are planned, and the resources chosen. (Van Brummelen 1988, 114).

At Glasshouse Christian College, the curriculum has been developed in order to cater for the needs, interests and abilities of all students and to provide opportunities for them to develop to their full potential.

The following subjects are studied as ‘Core’ subjects:

  • Foundations (Christian Studies)
  • Humanities (A combined English and History class)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Core Physical Education (CPE)
  • French

Sport is undertaken by all Middle School students on Fridays after lunch. It involves a range of interschool team sports competitions which are alternated with recreational options.

In July of 2016, the OECD’s Horizon Report on K-12 Education, made some challenging statements about the direction of education over the next few years, saying: “…key short-term trends accelerating K-12 educational technology adoption include the rise of coding as a literacy and the shift from students as consumers to creators. Among the mid and long-term trends are developments in the use of collaborative learning approaches, redesigning learning spaces and rethinking of how schools work.”

At Glasshouse Christian College, an exciting teaching and learning approach to accommodate these important developments and learning skills is in place for the following year levels:

  • Year 7 – Students study a program named F.U.S.E. which stands for Foundations, Understanding Society, and English. This program incorporates the subjects previously referred to as English & Humanities (History & Geography), Pastoral Care and Foundations (Christian Studies).
  • Year 8 – Students study a program called S.T.E.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and incorporates the subjects previously referred to as Science, Business & ICT, Mathematics, Foundations and Pastoral Care.

Further information on these above two programs can be found on our Middle School Innovations page.

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