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Middle School Innovations

GCC Middle School - A Sunshine Coast private Christian schoolSunshine Coast private school
“Young people need to develop skills in effective communication across distance and across borders; learn how to collaborate; be agile in their thinking; and respond swiftly to rapid change. They must also build the confidence and willingness to innovate and create their own opportunities.” (ISQ Curriculum Innovation).

Middle School at Glasshouse Christian College is leading the way among Sunshine Coast private schools, with the following two collaborative teaching, integrated subject programs:

  • Year 7 FUSE (Foundations, Understanding Society (History and Geography) and English.
  • Year 8 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

In summary, the FUSE and STEM programs are subjects where students:

  • are taught the same curriculum (as outlined by ACARA)
  • have one teacher as their point of reference and ‘go to’ person
  • are reported on in the same manner
  • have opportunities to progress according to the learning criteria met for each unit or activity
  • are supported or extended according to his/her abilities
  • are able to communicate with the relevant teachers on specific subject knowledge.

In both of these programs, teachers at GCC work as collaborative teams (within their year groups) teaching the curriculum to the whole cohort at the same time in a newly redeveloped flexible learning space. There is opportunity in this space for students to have access to different activity or ‘level of support’ options. These options depend on the learning activities that are planned by the teaching team. The learning space is also organised so that students can, and will at times, work in their timetabled class groups with their allocated teacher, while at other times work in other groupings as designed by the teaching team, in order to maximise the learning experiences and opportunities for students of all abilities, levels and particular interests.

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