Middle School

Private Secondary School on the Sunshine Coast
What is Middle School and why is it different? 

Middle School at Glasshouse Christian College is Years 7 – 9 and comprises of three short years of significant change. Students between the ages of 11 and 15 (adolescents) are adjusting to profound physical, social, and emotional changes.

During this period they are beginning to develop a strong sense of their own identity and learning how to establish personal and working relationships with adults. They are becoming more aware of wider, contemporary issues and are trying to make sense of the social and political world beyond their own communities, especially in terms of how it affects them. As learners, they are at once listless and energetic, curious and bored, maddeningly obtuse and refreshingly insightful. They are keen to get “out there” in the real world and want to learn in different contexts and in different ways.

For those with a hunger to learn more about what sets our school apart from other Sunshine Coast private schools, scroll down this page where you can read more about our Pastoral Care program, Middle School subjects and the exciting Innovations at Glasshouse Christian College.