Lapathon Outings Lots of Fun

Year 5W and Prep White both had a day full of fun and action celebrating their winning efforts in the Lapathon Challenge.

5W spent the morning climbing, jumping, slipping and sliding over the Bli Bli Aqua Park. Many creative ways of entering the water feet first were seen as bodies flew into the air off the bouncy cushion and landed with big splashes. After a much needed BBQ the afternoon was spent at Kings Beach swimming and playing in the park.

Prep White spent their morning zooming around the challenges at Chipmunks. Mrs Smith enjoyed the slides just as much as the children! Kings Beach fountains were calling next, so children played in the fountains and on the beach ending up covered in sand. It was a quiet bus ride home after a big day of action and fun. Both classes were very grateful for the help given by all the parents who accompanied them on these outings.