Inter-school Soccer

Last Friday our soccer and netball teams travelled to the Glasshouse Sports Grounds to compete in the final rounds of the Glasshouse District Inter School competition. All our teams looked great in their representative sports uniforms.

B Team soccer:   Everyone was keen to commence the first game against Glasshouse SS and settled quickly into the game. After some good lead up play, GCC scored the first and only goal for the match.

The second game was against the Maleny SS team which played very well. Our defence tried hard but the result went to Maleny 3-1.

Elimbah SS were the opponents in the 3rd game and provided good opposition. The GCC defence however was up to the challenge and held Elimbah out. Several attacking raids by our mid field and forwards saw us nearly score on many occasions. The result was 0-0.

The final game against St Michael’s College was a tight one with all of our players giving their best.  GCC scored once and managed to hold St Michael’s out to win 1-0.

All our players improved their positional play and ball control as each game progressed and should be proud of their efforts.

Well done GCC.

Mick Jeays (B Team Coach)