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It was lovely to stop and chat with parents at the start of the week as our children returned to school. Talking about learning from home, I was so encouraged by some of the insights and ideas shared. As we resettled back into learning at school there will be lessons learnt from our time of learning at home – some positive, some negative, some confirming and some transformative. Possibly all of these.

You may have heard the idea that the Chinese word for crisis means “danger”. It also means “opportunity”. Indeed, we are at a juncture that forks to the future, post lockdown and learning from home. One path leading from that juncture runs back to “business as usual”. The other leads to new ideas and what learning could look like now. The question is, which path will we take?

We often talk about the vital partnership between home and school. This time of co-teaching with you has really cemented our partnership. We could not have achieved what has been accomplished if you, our parents, had not been on the team. 

To capture your valuable feedback about this period of learning from home we would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to complete this short survey. 

It is wonderful to have you all back at school!

Gail Mitchell – Head of Primary