Management and Specialist Departments


Mr Mike Curtis College Principal [email protected]
Mrs Gail Mitchell Head of Primary [email protected]
Mr Adrian Ford Assistant Head of Primary [email protected]
Mrs Jacqualina Vreeling Head of Middle School [email protected]
Mr David Heyworth Head of Senior School [email protected]
Mr John Dohler Business Manager [email protected]
Mrs Amanda DaSilva Acting Dean of Studies [email protected]

Specialist Departments

Mrs Andrea McDonald Head of Learning Enhancement [email protected]
Mr Jon Brown Learning Enhancement Teacher [email protected]
Mr Roland Munyard Head of Information Technology [email protected]
Mrs Vanessa McKellar Head of Library Services [email protected]
Mrs Beryl Morris Secondary Teacher Librarian [email protected]
Mrs Sarah Jennings Primary Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs Sarah Leary Prep to Year 2 Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs Carol McKee Future Pathways Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs Fiona Cran Head College Pastor [email protected]
Mr Josh Wolsley College Pastor [email protected]
Mrs Donna Newell College Pastor [email protected]
Mr Isaiah Logan College Pastor [email protected]
Mr Sydney Moore College Pastor [email protected]
Mrs Debbie Goddard Kitchen Garden Coordinator [email protected]