Student Accident Protection Plan

Student Accident Protection Plan

GCC’s Student Accident Protection Plan (underwritten by AON)

Platinum Student Accident Protection Insurance is included in the resource levy charged to all parents on their annual Fee Statement. The Plan provides 24 hours, seven (7) days a week financial benefits to students and their family in the event of accidental injury. The cover is for any time the student is engaged in school or organised sporting activities, including travel to and from such activities.

The following Policy Schedule and Table of Events outline the benefits paid as a result of accidents that may occur, it tells you how to make a claim should your child be injured and provides some explanation around additional benefits you may be entitled to, as well as what is not covered:

Policy Schedule

Table of Events

The necessary Claim Form can be found by following this link:

Student Accident Protection Plan Claim Form

Your treating Medical Practitioner will also be required to complete a form for the claim to proceed. You can find the form here:

Medical Practitioner’s Statement

There is a part of the form that must be completed by the College, please forward both of the above forms to:

The Business Manager
Glasshouse Christian College
58 Roberts Road