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For 2018, our preferred supplier for all Back to School stationery is Office Choice (online, not a physical store).

Click here to read how to place your order with Office Choice for ALL year levels: Office Choice Back to school ordering information letter.

Once you have the password and login details you can use this link to login and begin your order. You will need to login/register at the top right of the screen. Once you have logged in you will need to click on the GCC 2018 at the top left of the screen, and then choose the year level you wish to order. Please note – all items are pre-filled to what is required – you will need to amend the order form if there is an item you do not require.

You may choose to purchase your stationery requirements elsewhere, however, please buy the specific brand of product listed by the teachers. This is especially important for primary school as the teachers are aware of what products last the school year.

MIDDLE & SENIOR SCHOOL STUDENTS: All students will be issued with a 13inch MacBook Air laptop from the library. Laptops MUST have a hard clip-on cover at all times (this is not provided by the College). These can be purchased online via eBay or at retail shops such as the Apple store or JB Hi-Fi. These cases vary in price and quality, so it is up to each family to source an item they feel will provide suitable cover for the laptop.

GCC 2018 COVER Back to School Ordering Info

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