Pastoral Care

The Pastors at Glasshouse Christian College help make GCC one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast. The generous sized pastoral team and their availability to the students exceeds most other private schools.

College Pastors are:

  • An integral part of everyday life at Glasshouse Christian College providing spiritual oversight, guidance and support to students and their families.
  • Committed Christians who are in good standing and active in their local church.
  • Passionate about seeing students and families discover God, grow in their faith, so they can live life abundantly as God intends them to.
  • Respectful of all our students and families irrespective of their faith traditions.
  • Safe people for students to share their life and faith journey with.
  • People of genuine compassion who offer encouragement, a listening ear, care, support and guidance on social, emotional and spiritual issues.
  • Proactive in preventing issues and reactive, responding to them.
  • Trained in Theology and Ministry and experienced in youth and children’s ministry.

College Pastors exist to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to explore their spiritual side through: chapels, groups, one on one conversations.
  • Actively promote student well-being through: pastoral care, life skills groups, mentoring and visitation.
  • Provide a safe place for students to navigate life challenges through: pastoral care, prayer, working with families and College staff, as well as referring to other support agencies where necessary.
  • Build positive relationships through:  camps, excursions, sports days and events.
  • Make Glasshouse Christian College one of the most welcoming private schools on the Sunshine Coast for students.

Introducing the College Pastors:

Fiona Cran - Helping make GCC one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast

Fiona Cran – Pastor Fi is the College Head Pastor with Secondary school focus. She has served in Youth and Children’s ministry for 20 years through Youth Camps, Kids Clubs, RI ministry, and as a conference speaker and ministry team trainer. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Theology.
Fiona is married to Martin, with four grown up children. She loves being with her family at the beach and in the bush, travelling, cooking and being creative. She is passionate about supporting students and their families on their faith and life journey. Her role at the College combines all her favourite things, hanging out with young people, creating positive spaces to explore God, and working with an amazing team at one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast!
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Jocelyn is helping make GCC one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast

Jocelyn Carolissen – Pastor Joc is currently on maternity leave and we are looking forward to her return.
Pastor Joc is our Primary College Pastor. She has a Bachelor of Theology and has been involved in school and church ministry for ten years. She loves teaching kids about Jesus and has ministry experience in Australia, South Africa and Mexico. Ps Joc is married to Ryan and together they enjoy nature, travelling and being active. She has a heart for social justice and helping kids see how they can be involved in helping the needs of others.



Rob is helping make GCC one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast

Rob Wolsley – Pastor Rob mainly focuses on Secondary school. He is married to Sharon and has two boys, Josh and Ben. His whole family passionately love the Lord and want to influence this generation for Christ. His wife, Sharon, also works at the College, in Hospitality.
Ps Rob has had 30 years experience working with youth and loves seeing them reach their full potential. He loves working with teams that spur each other on to love and good deeds (Heb 10:24), producing environments of love, acceptance and encouragement. These environments foster “openness and realness” which ultimately open the door for people to discover and pursue a right relationship with God. Simply, Rob loves life and is fun loving, enjoying life best through sharing God’s love, playing sports, creating music and growing meaningful relationships.
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Donna is helping make GCC one of the best private schools on the Sunshine Coast

Donna Newell – Pastor Donna is married to Ross and has three children Jacqueline, Monique and Harrison who are past students of Glasshouse Christian College. Her involvement with the College goes back to the days of praying for it when it was only a vision.
Donna’s passion for the College has seen her involved in many roles over the past 15 years, from painting buildings, making curtains, running tuckshops, serving on the P & F, serving on the school board, working as the Preschool Teacher’s Aide and taking students on Fiji Mission trips.  Ps Donna has seen and experienced many of God’s blessings at the College over the years and she is thrilled to be able to share His love with the children on a more personal level.
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Josh Wolsley – Pastor Josh is taking over from Pastor Joc while she is on maternity leave. Josh is a trained teacher, loves God and has a heart for people. Surfing, outdoor activities and being creative are just some of Josh’s hobbies. Josh is marrying in March and is excited for the year ahead at GCC.
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