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image When grief happens

On Monday I emailed you all with the sad news that Sonya Kadel’s husband, Sean, had died after a long battle with cancer. This is a very sad time for Mrs Kadel, her family and friends. Those of you who know Sonya would have been impressed by her strength in this journey. What you may…
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image Primary News 8 February 2019

I would like to welcome all our existing children and families back to school. It is wonderful to see you all back at school for the start of a new year and a new beginning. I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to all the new students and families who have joined…
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image Reading Aloud: Start Early and Keep Going

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people around the globe read aloud together, strengthening kids and communities by the power of stories. LitWorld founded World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) in 2010 to advocate for literacy and to ensure that young people worldwide can experience the joy of reading, writing, and storytelling.  On 1 February…
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image A plea from one of our students

This week we received a heart-wrenching plea from one of our students asking us to pass on a simple message to all families. This student was using the crossing in the school grounds properly with her dad and her little sister. Suddenly her little sister tripped and a car was going straight through the crossing…
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image Secondary Library Focus 8 February 2019

The school year is underway and students have been enjoying the library spaces at breaks where they have a chance to choose a new book to read, join with a few friends to play a board game or receive some help with research for a class task. Our library team enjoy these opportunities to assist…
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image Significant 72 in Year 4

Year 4 students had a wonderful start to their new year by taking part in a variety of fun activities. These were organised as a means for teachers to get to know our students better, as well as for students to build relationships with one another.  Our first incursion was presented by Character Builders and was…
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image Significant 72, Year 1 Wondrous Workers

The Wondrous Workers from GCC set off, full of energy and enthusiasm, on an exciting adventure. We wanted to maintain a sense of anticipation by not revealing specific information until the Thursday morning before we set off. That worked! We headed away from the College site, with plenty of staff members ready for a wonderful…
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image Significant 72 in Year 6

Year 6 took to new heights to celebrate their first 72 hours of school in 2019 with a climb up Mount Ngungun. What a great way to mark the occasion and challenge themselves in the second week of school.

image Uniform Shop News 8 February 2019

We are really pleased to let you know our Uniform Shop is now stocking the following: GCC Umbrellas Due to regular enquiries, we are now stocking large GCC umbrellas. These are similar in size to a golfing umbrella and very strong. Perfect for you to gather your family under while you race back and forth…
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image East to West concert

If you love classical music then you will enjoy this night of music supporting those in need in Nepal. Music from our very own Renat and Hila Yusupov and they will be joined by renowned clarinetist and their friend, Idris Harries.

image Free workshop – Are you teaching someone to drive?

Are you teaching someone how to drive? Want some advice on how best to prepare your learner and keep them safe on the road? If you’re interested in learning the important first steps in how to teach your learner driver and ensure they are safe and proficient drivers, book into the next workshop (details provided…
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image Scouts Group in Landsborough

An exciting opportunity to join the Scouts Group in Landsborough is open to interested boys and girls now. You can enjoy orienteering, camping, sailing, hiking, caving, abseiling, rock climbing and much more. All the details are in the flyer below.

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