Senior School News

DeLorean showcase

The DeLorean students of 2017 have had quite the excellent adventure. The culmination, of which, took place last Thursday evening. The flexible learning space of L8 was transformed into a market style arena, with each group manning their own booth promoting their project. Parents, Staff, Year 9 students and mentors from across the community were
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Graduation and clap out photo gallery

As always, Year 12 graduation and clap out was moving and emotional. We are proud of the class of 2017 and wish them all the best with their future.  

Year 12 Formal – photo gallery

Flaxton Gardens was the perfect setting for the beautiful young women and handsome men to celebrate the end of their school years.  

Legends of speed

Year 10 engineering students competed in the GCC CO2 Drag Racing Championships. Students designed and constructed their own CO2 powered balsa wood dragsters, based on their studies in the aerodynamics of high speed car design in Formula 1 and drag racing cars. Vapour trails burst from each machine as many close battles were fought with only hundredths
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Presentation Night 2017 – photo gallery

What a fantastic night of celebration. We are proud of all our students and Presentation Night was the perfect way to acknowledge their achievements over the last year. A special thanks to all our guests on the night and to our wonderful parents and caregivers for their support. Introduction and Middle School academic awards Senior
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Brisbane Food and Wine Show excursion

Brisbane Food and WIne Show

Year 11 Hospitality students had an educational day at the Brisbane Food and Wine Show, looking at new innovations in food ideas. They watched several celebrity chefs demonstrating culinary skills and they also managed to get a photo with Matt Sinclair which was exciting for these girls.

Hospitality excursion to Secrets on the Lake

Year 12 Hospitality students enjoyed a lovely lunch up at ‘Secrets on the Lake’.This restaurant was established by a former home economics teacher and been operating for the last 20 years. It was a good opportunity for the students to experience the Hospitality industry and be waited on for their hard work over the last
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Year 10 Legal Studies excursion

Legal Studies is very much a ‘practical theory’ subject that provides students with the opportunity to get a head start on their peers by learning and studying concepts that have real life relevance. The current unit on Housing Law is an excellent example of this. Whilst the primary focus is on evaluating the laws that
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Operation Pyjamas

What is Operation Pyjamas you might ask? We are a group of Year 10 students who love giving back to the community and being as helpful as we can. Our names are Savannah, Shaelee and Sophie and this is our DeLorean Project. Just imagine it’s night time and you are walking down the street. You
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Agricultural Science camp

Year 11 Agricultural Science students began Term 4 heading out to rural New South Wales to experience a whole range of extensive agricultural enterprises which differ quite significantly from our more intensive local production. First, students visited Mr Shaun Coleman’s broad-acre farm which utilises GPS navigation and precision farming techniques. This was an eye-opening experience
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